Top 10 best earphones under Rs.500 in India September 2020

Are you looking for the best earphones under Rs.500, then your search ends here!

I brought you the finest collection of earphones for the cheapest price to reduce your effort in searching the best earphones in India.

Not everyone aware of these best quality earphones, therefore after a lot of tests and research I have listed the top 10 Best Earphones with rich bass and fine sound quality.

We update this list monthly with the latest brands in the market to give you better choices and options.

Top 10 Best Earphones Under Rs.500 for this month.

Here it starts.

1. JBL C50HI in-Ear Earphones.

With Mic

JBL C50HI in-Ear Earphones

Everyone knows JBL has promising products, but these JBL C50HI in-Ear Headphones are the latest release that has a stylish design and lightweight. If I was buying the best earphone under Rs.500 so I would definitely buy this Earphone.

JBL C50HI in-Ear Earphones
  • JBL C50HI Earphones come with fine JBL Signature sound quality which makes these Earphones unique and better.
  • These In-Ear Earphones provide you High clean and crispy Bass experience.
  • Earphones Come with One-Button Universal Remote which makes navigation easier.
  • Has quick launch access to Google Assistant and Siri which is really cool.
  • It has a Noise Isolation Microphone which is useful when you’re on a call.
  • Ultra-lightweight Earphones has 3 sizes of ear tips(Buds).

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2. Sound One 616 Earphones.

With Mic

Sound One 616 Earphones.

These Sound One 616 Earphones are one of the underrated company which gives customers value.

Sound One 616 Earphones.
  • It has multi-color options you can choose suitable among them.
  • The lightweight design feels comfortable in Ear.
  • The company provides you with a carry case and Puch as complimentary.
  • Has Dynamic 10mm drivers which make these Earphones special.
  • Has a Powerful bass-driven stereo sound for wonderful music experiences.
  • The earphone comes with Built-in Mic and Remote
  • The company gives only 6 Months Warranty which is less in my opinion.

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3. Infinity (JBL) Zip 100 Earphones.

With Mic

Infinity (JBL) Zip 100 Earphones

Infinity (JBL) Zip 100 in-Ear Immersive Bass Tangle Free Flat Cable Headphones with Mic, We listed this cheapest JBL Earphones to switch your daily commute from normal to something cool.

Infinity (JBL) Zip 100 Earphones.
  • It has wonderful color options Pink, Black, and Navy Blue.
  • It gives you the experience of Party with Deep Bass Sound Effects.
  • Tangle-Free 1.2m durable flat cable now you can put this in your pockets anytime.
  • The company provides you one-year manufacturer warranty which is commendable.
  • It has a unique voice integration feature.
  • It has beautiful 3.5mm gold plated angled connector.

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4. Mi Earphones Basic Earphones.

With Mic

Mi Earphones Basic Earphones.

Mi has customized it’s Bass Quality especially for Indian Market has Ultra Bass with 3rd Generation damping system, Wow that’s really cool, isn’t it?

Mi Earphones Basic Earphones.
  • Has Aluminium Sound Chamber which gives balanced and clear sound quality to the customer.
  • Has High-Quality Silicon Earbuds which feel comfortable and gentle on the skin to use.
  • Based on extensive research, the main body is specially angled to fit your ear canal for long-lasting comfort to reduce irritation and pain.
  • 6 Month warranty.

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5. Realme EarBuds.

With Mic

Realme EarBuds.

I personally amazed by their stylish design, because Realme is one of the popular brands in India no wonder to expect such a good product.

Realme EarBuds.
  • It has a Unique 45-degree bend for a snug wear.
  • It is India’s First Magnetic Earphones from a smartphone Brand.
  • Has the Iconic logo design and Transparent Earbuds with Yellow accents.
  • Three-Button Remote use to control your Music, Calls, and Assistants( Google, Siri).
  • 6 Month Manufacturer Warranty.

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6. Evidson Vibe Earphones.

With Mic

Evidson Vibe Earphones.

These are Lightweight Indian made Earphones with supercharged audio quality.

  • Evidson Vibe is a Bass Machine with Super-charged 2X Bass.
  • Has Long-lasting product durability.
  • Strong and Flat Cable avoids tangling.
  • Broad Compatibility with 3.5mm Gold Plated Audio Jack.
  • All-Day Comfort for all Ear Size.
  • Besides, it has only 6 Month Manufacturer Warranty.

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7. SoundMagic ES11S Earphones.

With Mic

SoundMagic ES11S Earphones.

Comfortable fit and distinctive design. Powerful bass balanced with superb musical detail.

SoundMagic ES11S Earphones.
  • Perfect Earphones for gym Use.
  • Good noise isolation outside noise will be isolated and gives good hearing experience.
  • Has rugged construction and comfortable fit.
  • It has Powerful bass balanced with superb musical detail.
  • This Earphone comes with hours of fatigue-free listening fun.
  • Besides,1 Year Warranty which is great.

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8. boAt BassHeads 100 in-Ear Headphones

With Mic

boAt BassHeads 100 in-Ear Headphones

boAt BassHeads 100 Stereo In-Ear Earphones are designed to give you an experience that no other product can match. 

boAt BassHeads 100 in-Ear Headphones
  • Features an HD microphone to make crystal clear phone calls.
  • With 1.2m cable length plug it in anywhere.
  • The Powerful 10mm dynamic driver with the speaker resistance of 16 ohms enables the earphone to deliver a punchy, rhythmic.
  • Earphone Construction Quality is good as well as design.
  • Best Earphone for playing PUBG.
  • 1 Year of Manufacturer warranty.

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9. Honor AM115 Half In-ear Earphones.

With Mic

Honor AM115 Half In-ear Earphones.

Half In-Ear earphone comfier and more adaptable than other in-ear headphones thanks to their unique ergonomic design.

Honor AM115 Half In-ear Earphones.
  • These headphones feature multiple vent holes for a high- fidelity music and call experience.
  • Designed with your comfort in mind, the AM115 combines the merits of both in-ear and traditional headphones.
  • Has Rich, snappy bass for a soothing, mellow sound.
  • Original Honor Smartphone Brand Earphones.
  • It is compatible with most of the mobiles with a 3mm jack.
  • Honor Gives customer 1 Year manufacturer Warranty.

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10. PTron Magg Earphones.

With Mic

PTron Magg Earphones.

This is the best Earphone in this price range.

PTron Magg Earphones.
  • The 2 powerful 10mm drivers and metal housing will give you the acoustic sweet spot for your ears.
  • Go hands-free with PTron Magg with the built-in microphone.
  • The in-ear design ensures active noise reduction design.
  • It has 3.5mm audio Jack which connects to almost all the Smartphones, therefore, it is the best.
  • It is a Magnetic Earphone that sticks together every time.
  • Has 1 Year of Manufacturer Warranty.

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