Top 10 Best Earphones Under Rs 2000 in India September 2020

Are you searching for best Earphones Under Rs.2000? Your search and confusion end right here!

Nowadays Smartphones are not offering Headphones when you buy Smartphones so we have created a list of Top best Earphones under Rs.2000

We have listed these Earphones in such a way that you should not have any confusion anymore.

All these Earphones gives you the best audio quality for all genre of music. Built quality also significantly better for earphones under this price category.

There are some excellent options available under the price of Rs.2000 which provides you good bass, some have good audio balance, and some deliver neutral, loud audio.

Some of these even come with in-line controls and provide call-answering capabilities.
So, with no more due, let’s dig in.

Top 10 Best Earphones Under Rs 2000 with good bass and sound quality in India.

Let’s get started, here are the Best Earphones Under Rs 2000

1. Philips Hi-Res Audio PRO6305BK In-Ear Headphones.

With Mic

Philips Hi-Res Audio PRO6305BK

First of all, Philips is a trustable brand, these Earphones got more than 4-star customer reviews on E-Commerce websites like Amazon and Flipkart.  

Philips Hi-Res Audio PRO6305BK
  • This Extraordinary Earphone comes with in-line Mic and Pick up for easy conversations.
  • Philips Earphone gives you high-resolution audio reproduces music in its purest form, best Earphone for this price range.
  • These Earphones give the best hearing experience by removing external noises with Passive Noise Resolution technology in it.
  • 2 years warranty provided by the manufacturer from date of purchase.

Check Cheapest Price: Amazon

2. Sony MDR-XB55AP Extra Bass In-Ear Headphones.

With Mic


Sony MDR-XB55AP Extra Bass In-Ear Headphones are the best of all their earphones in this price range.

  • These E3arphones especially made for Electronic Dance Music(EDM).
  • Has in-line mic for hands-free phone calling, you don’t need to hold the mic every-time you want to call.
  • If you want to hear the extra bass sound 12.2mm neodymium drivers provide that sound quality.
  • These Earphones are closed, Dynamic type.
  • Sony’s Earphones have shiny metallic finish housing.
  • Sony provides you extra earbuds with stylish carry pouch.
  • Earphone cable is tangle-free.
  • Sony gives you the 1-year warranty provided by the manufacturer from the date of purchase.

Check Cheapest Price: Amazon

3. JBL Endurance Run Sweat-Proof Sports.

With Mic

JBL Endurance Run Sweat-Proof

Results matter, and when you have the perfect headphones there’s nothing standing in-between you and your workout.

JBL Endurance Run
  • Thanks to TwistLock and FlexSoft technologies, no matter what workout is earphones stick to fit in your ear.
  • The flexible two-way design allows you to wear the headphones either in-ear or behind-the-ear.
  • This JBL’s Earphones are sweatproof.
  • Has Magnetic earbuds that allow for easy cable management when not in use.
  • Made with high-quality plastic so Earphones has lightweight.
  • It comes with flexible remote technology., which gives access to Assistants(Google, Siri) within one single touch.
  • JBL gives a 1-year warranty on Earphones from the date of purchase.

Check Cheapest Price: Amazon

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4. Sony MDR-EX155AP in-Ear Headphones.

With Mic

Sony MDR-EX155AP

These in-ear Headphones are made for those who live their lives on the go. The handy inline microphone lets you take calls with maximum ease, so your smartphone can remain safely stowed in your pocket or bag.

Sony MDR-EX155AP
  • Sony has embedded this Earphone with In-line Mic for hands-free calling.
  • Unlike other Earphones, this has only 9mm neodymium drivers for powerful, balanced sound and connectivity.
  • Has Lightweight body design made with using high-quality plastic.
  • Earphone hearing frequency ranges between 5Hz to 24,000 Hz.
  • It has various vivid color options.
  • If you’re a bass lover you can Experience high-pressure Bass quality here.
  • Has Comfortable secure fitting smooth silicone earbuds.
  • Earphones have a unique wire manager that protects earphones from tangling.
  • Sony gives 1 Year of Manufacturer warranty from the product purchase date.

5. 1MORE Piston Classic Earphones.

With Mic

1MORE Piston Classic

1MORE Piston Classic is an award-winning Piston Classic that strikes an ideal balance of form and function. Our iPhone colored aluminum body is attractive and resilient.

1MORE Piston Classic
  • This Earphone is an upgraded version of award-winning classic recognized for setting a world-class standard in sound and style at an unbeatable value.
  • These Earphones has iPhone matched colors on an aluminum alloy body.
  • Has dual layer composite driver with aerospace grade titanium delivers sizzling highs, present mids, and powerful bass.
  • Has in-line remote controls are compatible with Apple (iPhone/iPad) and Android.
  • 1 Year Manufacturer warranty.

Check Cheapest Price: Amazon

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6. JBL LIVE100 in-Ear Earphones.

With Mic

JBL LIVE100 in-Ear

Make the most out of your day and keep in touch with your world in style with the new JBL LIVE 100.

JBL LIVE100 in-Ear
  • Has Quick access to the Google Assistant or Siri.
  • These earphones are popular today for their compact design and the fact that you can easily wear them under a hat or a helmet.
  • Light and compact enough for the gym without sacrificing on audio quality.
  • The sound that these earphones output is of top-notch quality in terms of accuracy and enjoyability.
  • With a defined bass and a treble that does not overpower the mids, these earphones give you a fully-balanced audio experience.
  • Has a 1 Year Warranty.

Check Cheapest Price: Amazon

7. RHA MA390 Universal Earphones.

With Mic

  • Has incredible Earphone body design.
  • Has High-performance Audiocustom built dynamic driver offers a richly detailed, well-balanced sound.
  • It transfers sound naturally, allowing air to progress unobstructed and unforced from the speaker into the ear.
  • Power-packed, compact functional in-ear headphones is a must for everyone.
  • The RHA MA390-Universal comes with a slew of accessories to suit your every need.
  • Hear new levels of detail and energy from your favorite tracks.
  • 3 Years Warranty.

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8. Urbanista San Francisco Headphones.

With Mic

Urbanista San Francisco

Top-notch technology on the inside gives you supreme quality audio and remote-controlled functionality.

Urbanista San Francisco
  • Has Ergonomic design with flat, color-matched, tangle-free cabling.
  • Designed for optimal balance for calls, music, and entertainment.
  • Has headphones have an inline mic… that actually works. Nobody has yet complained, I use it for calls and online gaming, no problems.
  • This is a con they won’t give you that noise cancellation that the silicon tips may provide.
  • Whether you’re listening to your favorite music or chatting with a friend on the phone, the San Francisco set gives you an enjoyable audio experience with crisp highs and a rich sound.
  • Has a 1 Year Warranty.

Check Cheapest Price: Amazon

9. Sony MDR-XB55 Earphones.

With Mic

Sony MDR-XB55

Its power bass duct delivers extra deep bass. With vivid colors to choose from they are the best companion for your smartphone.

  • Earphones made for electronic dance music (EDM).
  • Gives you Comfortable, Secure-fitting Silicone Earbuds for Long Listening Hours, Serrated Tangle-Free Cord, Impedance.
  • The cable has a serrated design to resist snags and tangles, keeping your headphones knot-free.
  • Listen to your favorite music as it deserves. 12 mm neodymium creates powerful, balanced sound in detail.
  • Comfortable silicone earbuds that allow you to listen to your favorite music for long hours.
  • Choose from three vibrant color options and avoid annoying tangles with a serrated cord.
  • Hear the detail in every track and stay in tune with all your music.
  • 1-year warranty.

Check Cheapest Price: Amazon

10. CLAW G11 Dual Driver Gaming Earphones.

With Dual Mic

CLAW G11 Dual Driver

The CLAW G11 Dual Driver Gaming Earphones are an ideal choice of audio gear for gaming sessions on the go! No more bulky headsets to hold you back, now you can game anywhere and everywhere with clarity and precision.

CLAW G11 Dual Driver
  • Has 3D Stereo Sound Dual 6mm drivers produce powerful bass and crisp audio giving you an immersive surround sound so you can hear footsteps & gunshots.
  • he detachable boom mic picks up your voice clearly delivering accurate & smooth communication.
  • The CLAW G11 Gaming Earphones are made with premium quality materials.
  • The 1.2 m cable has been constructed with a rugged textured TPE material while the 3.5mm gold-plated plug.
  • Earphones come with a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase.

Check Cheapest Price: Amazon

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